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FAQs on Youth Hostels

Where can I find Youth Hostels?

There are Youth Hostels all over Germany. The German Youth Hostel Association runs about 530 Youth Hostels, making it the largest provider of accommodation for young people.

Do Youth Hostels only exist in Germany?

Youth Hostels are international, and marked by an open and tolerant atmosphere that includes everyone. International youth exchanges in Youth Hostels promote social learning, tolerance, and international understanding. Becoming a member of the German Youth Hostel Association gives you access to a global network of about 4,500 Youth Hostels.

Are all Youth Hostels the same?

A large number of Youth Hostels have developed a special range of offers. Youth Hostels with a profile, such as the "Environmental|Youth Hostels," "Sport|Youth Hostels," "Family|Youth Hostels,""Cultural|Youth Hostels," and "Feel Good|Youth Hostels" work with their own quality management systems to cater for various groups of guests.


Numerous Youth Hostels offer special services for different groups of guests. People with a disability are particularly welcome – almost all Youth Hostels have areas that are particularly suited for people with mental or physical disabilities. 

What do Youth Hostels have to offer for families?

Families with children are very welcome in Youth Hostels. A large number of Youth Hostels have won a special certification as being "particularly family-friendly," offering accommodation and food that is particularly suitable for families plus leisure programmes usually preferred by families. But all families are met with a casual and child-friendly atmosphere in every Youth Hostel.

What can you learn in a Youth Hostel?

Youth Hostels offer a broad variety of programmes with holistic concepts for every target group. Programmes are carried out with our own trained staff or with local cooperation partners with the respective qualifications. Youth Hostels provide space for educational experiences. This makes them places that actively support and facilitate social, academic and extracurricular learning.

Can anyone manage a Youth Hostel?

Youth Hostels are managed by trained educationalists and service-minded, professional employees. The German Youth Hostel Association offers an internal continued education scheme to ensure staff qualification and service quality.

Are Youth Hostels inexpensive?

Even in the lower price bracket, Youth Hostels offer good rates. Offering great value for money, they are ideal for school and class trips, group or family holidays. Normally, the use of common rooms is free of charge in Youth Hostels for any larger group.