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On Standards, Rules and Prices

Only a "Jugendherberge" is a Youth Hostel. "Jugendherberge" is a proprietary name and brand in Germany, and all German Youth Hostels have set standards, house rules and fixed conditions. You will find all information that concerns our guests here.


A few Rules


Youth Hostels offer their guests plenty of opportunity for making contact. People from different cultural backgrounds, religions, ages and gender can meet here. But that would not work well without rules. Consequently, every Youth Hostel has house rules that are there to make sure that different needs and requirements are met and ensure a stress-free stay.


Dormitories only?


Guests in a Youth Hostel are normally accommodated in dormitories. If rooms are available, single or double rooms can be booked at extra costs. Of course families can use every hostel, but it is not always possible to accommodate all the family members in one room. An early reservation, including a note that you are a family, is advisable.
Almost all the rooms in Youth Hostels have washing facilities; many rooms now even have their own shower and toilet. About 150 Hostels are accessible to wheelchairs, so that people with limited mobility can check in for the night here.
Breakfast and bed linen are included in the price  - room service is not: usually, you have to change the sheets yourself.


Standards - from basic to comfortable


Depending on the services and facilities that are offered, there are four different categories for German Youth Hostels. Category I indicates basic standard, category IV indicates the highest standard.
  • Category I: The Hostel is equipped in a functional way, it offers basic comfort.
  • Category II: The Hostel is well appointed with functional equipment, it offers medium comfort.
  • Category III: The Hostel is excellently equipped and offers a high level of comfort.
  • Category IV: The Hostels equipment and level of comfort are first class.

The Youth Hostel portraits give you information about the Hostel's category, its premises and facilities, service, catering, equipment rental, leisure activities and.

Open 24 Hours?


Youth Hostels in large cities are opened around the clock. Other Hostels have individual opening hours - often they close at 11 pm. Adult guests can often receive a key against a deposit.
Individual times of arrival can sometimes be arranged with the Hostel management. Otherwise, reservations are made until 6 pm. After that, a reserved room may be given to another guest. If you have not made a reservation in the Hostel, you can inquire about available beds by phone. The reception opens at 5 pm at the latest.
Not all Youth Hostels are open the full year round. Often, there is a closure for necessary renovations between Christmas and New Year, sometimes even in January or February. Some Hostels are only open for the season in summer and close for the rest of the year.


No Pets, please.


We are afraid it is not allowed to bring your pets. Of course this does not apply to guide dogs: they can be brought in.


Enjoy your Meal!


Breakfast is always included in your stay. But you can also book half board (normally a cooked dinner) or full board (usually a packed lunch and cooked dinner).
Because Youth Hostels normally offer three meals a day. What, when and how they are offered depends on the individual Hostel management. Moreover, many Hostels run a bistro, that offers snacks and beverages.
Guests' individual wishes are catered for whenever it is possible. Of course Youth Hostels also regard special religious, ethnic or vegetarian requests. Often, Hostels run their own bistro and have vending machines for beverages.


More than just Rooms


Almost every Hostel has rooms for seminars and conferences - find them on the Internet here.
You can also find Hostels that offer sports and leisure activities, cater for bands or are accessible for the disabled.


Youth Hostels with a Profile


Some Youth Hostels have a special Profile - which conforms to countrywide quality concepts and standards. Find out more here.



How much will it cost?


  • Junior rates for accommodation, breakfast and - in most cases - bed linen are valid for guests below 27 years of age and families with children. Currently - 2007 - they are between 11,50 € and 24,50 € per night. The average price is 16,25 €.
  • Guests who are 27 and older usually pay a surcharge of about 3,00 € per night.
  • Children up to 2 years are free of charge. Children up to the age of 5 receive a 50% discount on the total charge (only on meals in some cases). Older children are often also eligible for reduced rates.

A warm meal costs between 4,00 € and 5,00 €, a packed lunch costs less. Half- and full board are exceptionally cheap in Youth Hostels.