Leisure tips

Eisenach ist rekordverdächtig!

Ob für Naturfans oder Kulturfreaks - Eisenach mit seinen vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten und Naturschönheiten ist rekordverdächtig.

Leisure activities in/at the Youth Hostel

Have a game of table tennis or enjoy a relaxed barbecue.

Leisure activities in the vicinity

In the immediate vicinity you'll find the Wartburg, the "Burschenschaftsdenkmal" ("Monument to the Student Fraternities") and the "Drachenschlucht" ("Dragon Ravine"). The Middle Ages are alive and well up on the Wartburg, once a centre of high medieval poetry and the Sängerkrieg ("Minstrel Contest) and also the place where St. Elizabeth lived and worked. Going by the name of "Junker Jörg", Martin Luther translated the Bible at this very castle. The historic old town, with its late Gothic town hall, baroque palace, Bach's birthplace and the Lutherhaus, lends the town an unmistakable medieval charm. Eisenach is also the birthplace of EMW, which was to become part of BMW, and today it's also home to the most modern Opel factory. What's more, you might wish to visit the cinema, the theatre or an exhibition.

Sightseeing and excursions

The surrounding area is packed with lovely destinations such as the "Drachenschlucht" ("Dragon Ravine") with its unique geological layers, while there's also fascinating flora and fauna to be enjoyed as well as the Rennsteig Trail. Half-day and full-day hikes to the Hörsel mountains, the "Großer Inselsberg" mountain, on the Rennsteig Trail, or from the "Drachenschlucht" up to the Hohe Sonne ("High Sun") - whichever you choose, the Hostel management team will be happy to assist you in planning your individual trip.

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