Leisure tips

Welcome to Erfurt, the state capital!

The state capital of Thuringia impresses with its beauty in the midst of the green heart of Germany. Erfurt "…is situated in the best location. It is the perfect place for a city!" This is how the reformer Martin Luther summed it up back in the 16th century. Today the medieval old town continues to fascinate visitors with its narrow, winding streets and snug squares, and St. Mary's Cathedral and Church of St. Severi atop Cathedral Hill.
The city is intersected by a great many watercourses and bridges, hence why part of the city centre is known as "Little Venice". Erfurt is a mix of culture, history, politics and law, art and nature. This is where tradition and modernity meet. You have the old town with its little streets, the Cathedral and the "Krämerbrücke", the historic yet young university and the floral splendour of the "ega" grounds.

Leisure activities in/at the Youth Hostel

At the Youth Hostel itself guests can play table tennis or billiards, or chill out with a barbecue outside.

Leisure activities in the vicinity

In the immediate vicinity you'll find indoor and open-air pools, a skate park and ice rink. Erfurt's city centre is packed with remarkable attractions. Erfurt Cathedral, the "Krämerbrücke" bridge and Petersberg Citadel are all just a few minutes away.

Sightseeing and excursions

If you're based in Erfurt, it's easy to go and discover other cities like Weimar, Eisenach and Jena. The Youth Hostel's central location makes it an ideal base for your very own tour of Thuringia. Experience the diversity of this region; discover Goethe and Schiller as well as ancient forest and the "Land of a Thousand Ponds".

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