Location & Arrival


Weimar's "Am Poseckschen Garten" Youth Hostel is located in the heart of this cultural paradise. Most of the main attractions are easily reached from here on foot. Weimar is surely a record-breaker, what with its plethora of sights, 3 castles and stunning park grounds. The little streets and squares of the idyllic old town will transport you back to times gone by. Here you'll find the houses where famous literary figures of old once lived - at every turn you will encounter signs of German Classicism and literary greats. Weimar's entire old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. "Where else can you find so many things in such a small place?", Goethe once asked when he came to Weimar. Just like back then, today the art world continues to be drawn to Weimar. Here the spirit of German Classicism is alive. Modernism, too, has left its mark on this place thanks to Bauhaus. Weimar is the cradle of German democracy, a highly significant place of cultural education for people from around the world.
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Arriving by rail
From the "Hauptbahnhof" ("Main Station"): Line 1 towards Ehringsdorf - until the stop "Wielandplatz", then turn right towards the Youth Hostel or take line 6 towards Legefeld - until "Cranachstraße" or line 5 or 8 in towards Klinikum/Merketal - until the stop "Poseckscher Garten".
Arriving by bus/car
Take the A4 until the exit for Weimar, turn left at the first set of traffic lights next to the old cemetery.